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void apefrm_remove ( apetag mem_cnt,
char *  name 

set frame to remove

Create fake name and empty value (and set don't save flag). If you use apefrm_add_norepleace then you don't change this not_save_flag. Only apefrm_add overwrite this. [it's for id3v1 but you may using this for remove frames]

mem_cnt object apetag
name frame name for search and remove

Definition at line 485 of file apetaglib.c.

References _ape_mem_cnt::countTag, tag::sizeValue, and _ape_mem_cnt::tag.

    int n;
    struct tag **mTag;

    apefrm_add (mem_cnt, 0 , name, "delete me");

    mTag = (mem_cnt->tag);
    for (n = 0; (mem_cnt->countTag) > n; n++) { 
        if (strcasecmp (mTag[n]->name, name) == 0) {

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