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struct tag* apefrm_get ( apetag mem_cnt,
char *  name 
) [read]

search in apetag for name and return tag

2 special names APE_TAG_LIB_FIRST and APE_TAG_LIB_NEXT. FIRST return first frame and set counter to 1 NEXT return ++counter frame

for ((framka = apefrm_get(ape, APE_TAG_LIB_FIRST)); framka!=NULL;) {
    framka = apefrm_get(ape, APE_TAG_LIB_NEXT);
return NULL if no more frame exist

mem_cnt object apetag
name frame name for search
pointer to struct tag if name exist or NULL if don't
don't change anything in this struct make copy and work

Definition at line 362 of file apetaglib.c.

References APE_TAG_LIB_FIRST, APE_TAG_LIB_NEXT, _ape_mem_cnt::countTag, _ape_mem_cnt::currentPosition, and _ape_mem_cnt::tag.

    int n;
    struct tag **mTag;

    mTag = (mem_cnt->tag);

    if (mem_cnt->countTag == 0)
        return NULL;

    if (strcmp (name, APE_TAG_LIB_FIRST) == 0) {
        mem_cnt->currentPosition = 0;
        return (mTag[mem_cnt->currentPosition++]);

    if (strcmp (name, APE_TAG_LIB_NEXT) == 0) {
        if (mem_cnt->currentPosition >= mem_cnt->countTag)
            return NULL;
        return (mTag[mem_cnt->currentPosition++]);

    for (n = 0; (mem_cnt->countTag) > n; n++) { 
        if (strcasecmp (mTag[n]->name, name) == 0) {
            return (mTag[n]);

    return NULL;

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