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madman - a music manager
Copyright (C) 2003  Andreas Kloeckner <ak@ixion.net>

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA  02111-1307  USA


#include <qaction.h>
#include <qpopupmenu.h>
#include <qlistview.h>
#include <qsettings.h>
#include "database/song_set.h"
#include "ui/accel_list_view.h"

class tPreferences;
class tSongSetViewManager;
class tProgramInterface;

typedef vector<int> tIndexList;

class tSongRetag
    tSongField    Field;
    QString NewText;

    void executeOn(tSong *song);

class tDeferredSongRetag : public QObject

    tSong   *Song;
    tSongRetag    Retag;

  public slots:
    void execute();

class tSongListView;
class tVisibilityAction : public QAction
    tSongListView       *ListView;
    tSongField    Field;

    tVisibilityAction(QObject *parent, tSongListView *view, tSongField field);

  public slots:
    void onToggle(bool on);

class tSongListView : public tAcceleratorTable 
    typedef tAcceleratorTable super;


    tSongList     SongList;
    int ShownColumns;
    vector<int> FieldToColumn;
    vector<int> ColumnToField;
    vector<int> FieldWidths;

    QIntDict<QWidget> WidgetDictionary;
    bool SortIndicatorEnable, IndicatorAscending;
    tSongField SortIndicatorField;

    tProgramInterface *ProgramInterface;

    QPopupMenu *FieldVisibilityMenu;

    tSongListView(QWidget *parent = 0, const char *name = "");

    void saveListViewAppearance(QSettings &settings, const QString &prefix);
    void loadListViewAppearance(QSettings &settings, const QString &prefix);

    void setup();
    void setProgramInterface(tProgramInterface *pi);

    void setSongList(const tSongList &list, bool preserve_scroll_pos);

    tSong *highlightedSong();
    void highlightSong(tSong *song);

    void getSelection(tSongList &songlist) const;
    void getSelection(tIndexList &indexlist) const;

    void setSongDropEnable(bool enabled);
    void setSortIndicator(bool enable, tSongField field, bool ascending);

    void columnWidthChanged(int col);
    void swapColumns (int col1, int col2, bool swapHeader = false);
    void sortColumn (int col, bool ascending = TRUE, bool wholeRows = FALSE);

    bool isFieldVisible(tSongField field);
    void showField(tSongField field);
    void hideField(tSongField field);

  public slots:
    void slotContextMenuRequested (int row, int col, const QPoint & pos);
    void currentSongChanged();

    // sparse QTable implementation -------------------------------------------
    void resizeData(int) {}

    QTableItem *item(int r, int c);
    void setItem(int r, int c, QTableItem *i);
    void takeItem(QTableItem *item);
    void clearCell(int r, int c);

    void insertWidget(int r, int c, QWidget *w);
    QWidget *cellWidget(int r, int c) const;
    void clearCellWidget(int r, int c);

    QWidget *createEditor (int row, int col, bool initFromCell) const;
    void setCellContentFromEditor (int row, int col);

    void paintCell(QPainter *p, int row, int col, const QRect & cr, bool selected, const QColorGroup & cg);

  public slots:
    void noticeSongModified(const tSong *song, tSongField field);

    bool eventFilter (QObject * watched, QEvent * e);
    void contentsDragEnterEvent(QDragEnterEvent *event);
    void contentsDragMoveEvent(QDragMoveEvent *event);
    void contentsDropEvent(QDropEvent *event);
    void contentsMousePressEvent (QMouseEvent *e);
    void contentsMouseReleaseEvent (QMouseEvent *e);

    QDragObject *dragObject();

    void showSortIndicator();

    void songsDropped(bool from_same_widget, tSong *onto, vector<tFilename> &songs);
    void fieldChanged(tSong *song, tSongField field, const QString &new_text);
    void contextMenuRequested(tSong *song, tSongField field, const QPoint &pos);
    void doubleClicked(tSong *);
    void sortingChanged(tSongField field, bool ascending);

class tSongSetViewManager : public QObject

    tSongListView &ListView;
    auto_ptr<QPopupMenu> Menu;

    tProgramInterface &ProgramInterface;

    bool LastRetagValid;
    tSongRetag LastRetag;

    QString PreferencesPrefix;

    hash_map<int,QString> MenuIdToPluginFilenameMap;

    enum tPlayWhen {

    tSongSetViewManager(tSongListView &lv, tProgramInterface &pi, 
      const QString & pref_prefix);

    virtual void setup();
    virtual void saveListViewAppearance(QSettings &settings);
    virtual void loadListViewAppearance(QSettings &settings);

    virtual tSongSet *songSet() = 0;
    void changeSongSet(tSongSet *from, tSongSet *to);

    virtual QPopupMenu *buildPopupMenu();

  public slots:
    void noticeSongSetModified(bool substantial_change, tProgress *progress);

    virtual void redisplay(bool preserve_scroll_pos, tProgress *progress = NULL);

    void fieldChanged(tSong *item, tSongField field, const QString &new_text);
    void contextMenuRequested(tSong *song, tSongField field, const QPoint &pos);

    void slotEditThisTag();
    void slotPlayNow();
    void slotPlayNow(tSong *song);
    void slotPlayNext();
    void slotPlayEventually();
    void slotAutoDJ();

    void rateNone() { rate(-1); } 
    void rate0() { rate(0); } 
    void rate1() { rate(1); } 
    void rate2() { rate(2); } 
    void rate3() { rate(3); } 
    void rate4() { rate(4); } 
    void rate5() { rate(5); } 
    void rate(int rating);

    void viewByCriterion(const QString &crit);
    void playByCriterion(const QString &crit, tPlayWhen when);

    void playNowAllByThisArtist() { playByCriterion(getCurrentArtistCriterion(), PLAY_NOW); }
    void playNextAllByThisArtist() { playByCriterion(getCurrentArtistCriterion(), PLAY_NEXT); }
    void playEventuallyAllByThisArtist() { playByCriterion(getCurrentArtistCriterion(), PLAY_EVENTUALLY); }
    void viewAllByThisArtist() { viewByCriterion(getCurrentArtistCriterion()); }
    void playNowAllOnThisAlbum() { playByCriterion(getCurrentAlbumCriterion(), PLAY_NOW); }
    void playNextAllOnThisAlbum() { playByCriterion(getCurrentAlbumCriterion(), PLAY_NEXT); }
    void playEventuallyAllOnThisAlbum() { playByCriterion(getCurrentAlbumCriterion(), PLAY_EVENTUALLY); }
    void viewAllOnThisAlbum() { viewByCriterion(getCurrentAlbumCriterion()); }

    void resetStatistics();

    void deleteFromDisk();
    void highlightCurrentSong();

    void autoTag();
    void redoRetag();
    void rereadTag();
    void rewriteTag();
    void stripTag();

    void highlight(tSong *song);

    void pluginActivated(int id);

    void selectionChanged();

    virtual void sortingChanged(tSongField field, bool ascending) { }

    void notifySearchChangeRequested(const QString &);
    void notifySongSetChanged();

    QString getCurrentArtistCriterion();
    QString getCurrentAlbumCriterion();

    friend class tSongListViewItem;

class tPlaylistViewManager : public tSongSetViewManager

    typedef tSongSetViewManager super;

    tPlaylist *Playlist;

    tPlaylistViewManager(tSongListView &lv, tProgramInterface &pi,
      const QString & pref_prefix);

    QPopupMenu *buildPopupMenu();

    tSongSet *songSet()
      return Playlist;
    tPlaylist *playlist()
      return Playlist;
    void setSongSet(tPlaylist *pl);

  public slots:
    void removeSelected();

    void uploadPlaylist();
    void downloadPlaylist();
    void importM3U();

    void sortBy(tSongField field);
    void jumble();
    void reverse();

    void sortByArtist() { sortBy(FIELD_ARTIST); }
    void sortByTitle() { sortBy(FIELD_TITLE); }
    void sortByAlbum() { sortBy(FIELD_ALBUM); }
    void sortByTrackNumber() { sortBy(FIELD_TRACKNUMBER); }
    void sortByYear() { sortBy(FIELD_YEAR); }
    void sortByGenre() { sortBy(FIELD_GENRE); }

    void songsDropped(bool from_same_widget, tSong *onto, vector<tFilename> &songs);

    void sortingChanged(tSongField field, bool ascending);

class tSearchViewManager : public tSongSetViewManager

    typedef tSongSetViewManager super;

    tSearchSongSet      *SearchSongSet;

    bool DoDisplaySort;
    tSongField SortField;
    bool Ascending;

    tSearchViewManager(tSongListView &lv, tProgramInterface &pi,
      const QString & pref_prefix);

    void saveListViewAppearance(QSettings &settings);
    void loadListViewAppearance(QSettings &settings);

    QPopupMenu *buildPopupMenu();

    tSongSet *songSet()
      return SearchSongSet;
    tSearchSongSet *searchSongSet()
      return SearchSongSet;
    void setSongSet(tSearchSongSet *ss);

    void redisplay(bool preserve_scroll_pos, tProgress *progress = NULL);

  public slots:
    void slotAdd();
    void sortingChanged(tSongField field, bool ascending);

    void add(tSongList const &);


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